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2008 FIFE World Show - Lisbon (Portugal)

Wellcome to OlympoDolls !

   We are Fernando and Luis, we live in a home Ragdoll cattery in Madrid (Spain), and we feel very fortunate that our sweet teddy bears let us to share their lives with us...

We are FIFE and TICA members since year 2007. We have been showing in FIFE, TICA and CFA associations, in many countries like Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, Bélgium, Austria, United Kingdom, USA....

   The 6th of January of 2007, the three wise men day in Spain, OlympoDolls started up as a Ragdolls cattery with the help of the pioneer of this breed in Europe, Patricia Ann Brownsell (Patriarca Cats).Pat was the first person who imported Ragdolls from United States into Europe more than 40 years ago.

   We feel very honored to say that Pat was our mentor and the first person who trusted on us.

   From here we want to pay our heart tribute to Pat and we would also desire to contribute in some way to her great effort at least with our dedication and love for this breed.

2009 TICA show in Córdoba (Spain),
with Patricia Ann Brownsell (first ragdoll breeder in Europe)
2010 TICA show in Belgium,
with Carla Janke (Brazil), Mirjam Schroevers (The Netherlands) Ivanne Pincedé (France) and Mady Janssens (Belgium)

   Along these years, with the help and always wellcome advices received from many breeders and cat associations judges, we have tried to learn all about this fabulous breed and its standard.

   And we expect every day to learn more and more...

   Cat shows is allways a really funny experice! and the best place to exchange knowledge and experiences with other breeders.

   Some of our friends think we are crazy guis because we use to travel a lot with our cat around different countries... but we honestly think this is the only way to learn about the standard of this breed.

2011 TICA show in Viena (Austria),
with Roman Bauer and Sabine Thonhauser (Austria), Ursula Funk (Austria), Martina Indra(Austria), Simona Delasch (Austria) and Carla Janke (Brazil).
2011 TICA show in Atlanta (USA),
with Deborah Parks (USA)

   However, our biggest commitment is to develop a serious, responsible and sustainable breeding program, always looking for the wellnes of our cats and kittens. Therefore we believe and practice early spaying/neutering, something that is unquestionable for us...

   Our main commitment is to ensure that our cats have the best quality of life possible, and that does not only mean to receive the best food and good veterinary care, it also means to give them the time, love and attention to each and every one of them needs.

2014 Gotemburg (Sweden),
with Christine Landin (first ragdoll breeder in Sweeden) and Solveig Benedicthe (first ragdoll breeder in Norway).
ohhhhhhhh, one of our home born kittens !!
at home with our beloved dolls...

  We hope you enjoy visiting our web site and staring the most beautiful and sweet Ragdolls who fill our lives with tons of happiness and sweetness...

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