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RW SGC NW'15 SC OlympoDolls Win God DVM
EMS Code RAG a 03
Date of Birth 31/07/2013
Fenotype aa cscs BB dd oo s2s2
Tested negative FeLV, FIV, PKD*, HCM1*
Blood type A
* Both parents have negative test results.

Win is a gorgeous blue point bicolor (high mitted) male born at home whose parents are

RW SGC, SC Riterags Eros DSM
Ch OlympoDolls Minerva

   I still remember the first pics we made him at home, when he was a baby, oh what a beautiful kitten... he has very pretty doll face but with better eye color than his father Eros and with same great chin. His body and boning are fantastic, like his father, and he is the ragdoll type we like the most. We would like he has a more intensive coat color, he looks lilac... but it did not take us many time to decide to keep him after watching his pics.

   We started to show him at very young age and he demostrated fron the very first time to have the same charming temperament and disposition as his father. Judges liked him a lot also, he got 4 Best in Shows at kitten class very quick. But something happened and he turned out into a real teenager with proportions we did not like at all. That´s why it was impossible to get his 5th Best in Show for the Junior Winner. Our thought was to pet him but fortunately we waited for a while. We were patient because his father developed very slowly too.

   When he was about one year and a half old, he suddenly started to become better and better. He ended his development nicely. Perfectly marked and with an outstanding temperament for showing as his father, and like his father, he has got his TICA Supreme Grand Champion and FIFE Supreme Grand Champion titles. But even more in 2015, he has become in FIFE National Winner! and according to the FIFE official ranking, he is the best all breed cat in Spain, and in Tica, he has become Regional Winner being 12th best all breed cat in South Europe in 2015.

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