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RW QGC Int.Ch Riterags Venus
EMS Code RAG a 04 21
Date of Birth 28/04/2008
Fenotype Aa cscs BB dd oo s2s
Tested negative FeLV, FIV, PKDADN, HCM1ADN
Blood type B

Venus (Roman goddess of love and beauty), is an exquisite blue lynx point mitted female with perfect markings and incredible deep blue eyes, who has been imported from Atlanta, USA and she is the daugther of

RW OS QGC RaggleDazzle Duke
RW OD SGC Riterags Jumbolette

   Venus is our continued bet for the American Ragdoll line and as Eros, she comes from TICA Supreme Grand Champions lines, her pedigree is to die for...

   Venus has won in 2009 the "TICA Quadruple Grand Champion" title, she got the "TICA Regional Winner" award and she has been:

Best Blue Lynx Mitted Internationally!
2º Best Ragdoll in Southern Europe

   Venus is going to be for our cattery the lynx pattern introduction and an amazing American line characterized for the big size and the sweetest temperament.

We want to thank to Deborah and Kate Marie Parks one more time and very specially for entrusting this beauty in each sense and for being so patient with us. We will try to do our best to show her!

Kittens that Venus produces will not be available as breeders.

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