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IW SGC IC OlympoDolls Diana JW, DSM
EMS Code RAG a 03
Date of Birth 02/09/2009
Fenotype aa cscs BB dd oo s2s2
Tested negative FeLV, FIV, PKD*, HCM1*
Blood type A
* Both parents have negative test results.

Diana (Roman Goddess of the hunt), is a beautiful blue bicolor female (high mitted) daughter of

RW SGC, SC Riterags Eros DSM
Kebekat Cast No Shadow Isis

   Diana has inherited her father temperament, the sweetest you could ask for, in addition to his strongness, size and good boning. From her mother, she has inherited her wonderful eye color that we love so much, and the doll expression which makes us sigh, and of course, her insatiable appetite

   Diana is making us so so so happy at the cats shows we visited with her, because in just three cats shows and at just 6 months old, she has got 5 Best in Shows, then she is a
            Junior Winner !!!

   Diana, as her father, has got her TICA Supreme Grand Champion title, and has got TICA International Winner! and been in 2011:

3rd Best Ragdoll Internationally

   Diana, following her father steps, has recently also reached 10 Best in Shows at adult class so she is:

Distinguish Show Merit !!!

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