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OlympoDolls Nut
EMS Code RAG n 03
Date of Birth 27/03/2016
Fenotype aa cscs BB Dd oo s2s2
Tested negative
Blood type

Nut (Egyptian sky goddess), is a beautiful seal bicolor (high mitted) female whose parents are:

RW SGC, SC Riterags Eros DSM
NW´15 Krickelins Tessa

   We think Nut is the carbon copy of her father Eros, she reminds us so much to him when he was at the same age... she has her father´s body structure, long body and good bones, perfect markings and even she has a better coat contrast which comes from her mother... just her eyes color could be a deeper blue but as she also got his father temperament we could not let her go...

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