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MW'17 Ch Krickelins Marit JW
EMS Code RAG n 03
Date of Birth 19/09/2016
Fenotype aa cscs BB Dd oo s2s2
Tested negative
Blood type

Marit is a seal bicolor female (high mitted) and she is the second female who has arrived to our cattery from Gotemburg, Sweden. Her parents are:

Sky highs Limited Edition
Jaquet Marie Stuart

   We hope that Marit helps us to improve our cattery with her beauty and her deep blue eyes color, but overall, with her so sweet ragdoll temperament...

   At the shows Marit has also given many hapiness getting the awards of:

FIFE Junior Winner
FIFE Mediterranean Winner 2017!!!

Thank you so much to our friend Christine Landin for trusting on us this sweety.

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