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CherryDolls Euphrasia
EMS Code RAG a 04
Date of Birth 25/03/2019
Fenotype aa cscs BB dd oo s2s
Tested negative FeLV, FIV, HCMDNA, PKDDNA
Blood type AA
MyCatDNA results No genetic health risks detected

Euphrasia is a blue mitted female who has arrived to our cattery from Milan (Italy), her pedigree is a 100% traditional line, mixing lines from USA&Canada with nordic countries lines, her parents are:

SiempreAmar Artu
MeliDolls Maja

   Euphrasia has a very nice and wide head shape, strong chin and super cold silky coat. She has a look to die for, we feel on her strong Furreal lines.

Thank you so much to our dear friend Laura Zanini for trusting on us this sweet lady...

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